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Presently, one of the main requirements in civil engineering is to monitor the most important structures for safety and functionality purposes. This can involve the acquisition of data from the structures, during the construction phase or more commonly during the useful life of the structure.

To accomplish this, one of the easiest ways is to implement the system based in LabVIEW™. This technology encompasses a big array of solutions, allowing the interconnection with other technologies, to allow the construction of a complete system.

It is possible, with the use of this technology, to send an email with warnings using an authenticated email server, store the data collected in any type of database – PgSQL™, MySQL™, etc – so you can then take actions based on the data collected – like increasing the hydraulic pressure in an actuator based on the present position, and so forth.

An Integrated Solution

Due to the fact that the developer of this software [1] also develops hardware, the use of this technology coupled with the use of the hardware is extremely simple and it is also a way to ensure that the system is working as expected in the time frame allocated for the task.

The time delay from the beginning of the project until the system is completely operational – a major concern in the construction of all structures – is therefore one of the main reasons to use LabVIEW™.

In further posts I will be writing more about this exciting technology, based on my experience of years working with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) monitoring bridges and other structures, and my international certifications in the product.

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