Software Engineering

How to dump variables and info in WordPress

One of the most common needs of programmers is watching run-time values of variables and function’s outputs.  For this we normally use dump methods. I have created a piece of code for Wordpress that

Git – Stashing Changes

1) What is the Stash It is a temporary place to store our changes. It is NOT part of the working directory, nor the index and nor of the repository. We place

Git – Concepts

  VCS = Version Control System SCM = Source Code Management   1) Basics           Add:  Working Copy ===> Staging (index)   Commit:  Working Copy ===> Repository Checkout:

Git – From Zero to Hero in Juicy Bits

This git tutorial is based upon many references found on the web on the links I provide below.But the main one is Lynda’s Git tutorial by Kevin Skoglund. You should definitely buy

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