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Here I post all topics related to a crucial area of the IT industry: Project Management. My experience in this field started back in 2008 professionaly and in 2012 I completed my first PM certification - Agile Foundation from DSDM Consortium. I addressed this topic in my MSc dissertation later that year. In July 2014 I also got PMP certified and became a PMI member. I hope my experience and neverending curiosity allow me to post contents you find usefull and interesting.
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Project management is an exciting area to work in Information Technology/Information Systems these days. Many new methodologies are recently being applied that are solving many problems the industry faced for so many years and that represented the infamous 75% of overall project loses.

Historically speaking the management of software projects has presented many challenges due to the relative recent nature of computers and the industry involving it. Software development involves a multitude of different roles ranging from technology, to design, management, sales, marketing, and many others. These go from technical skills to soft skills. Getting all these different profiles working together is the role of the project manager. He/she is the one who has to completely understand the concepts of business value, cost, time, quality, requirements/features, change, ROI, stakeholders, system’s architecture, team psychology, company culture, management tools, diplomacy, ethics, and still keep up with the ever changing IT scenario.

Ultimately the Project Manager in IT has to understand one basic principle: Writing software is as much an art as a sience. The industry demands from him/her as much technical as soft skills, alongside a great deal of experience in the field to be able to perform the job appropriately.

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