eBusiness covers all areas of business that are connected to IT. If a business has a digital presence on the WWW then it has to address this channel with the proper business model, strategy and marketing tools available. In here I address all topics related to this field.
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eBusiness is a term that first appeared in 1996 by the time the World Wide Web – simply put, the web – was in its initial growth and in its infancy in terms of selling things online. The web has mattured into a global technology offering safety in transactions, high performance in communications and richness of contents. Therefore, a whole set of techniques and business models have emerged for Electronic Businesses.

Electronic businesses have their own charecteristics that make them different from physical or more traditional ones. The new Internet age has brought with it new ways to present products, communicate them to the consumers, allow interaction with them, distribute them, review and provide feedback about them, which demands new strategies and tacticts that companies must excel at if they want to keep up with competition. Two new disciplines have emerged: Digital Marketing and Web Strategy.

The Secret Behind Vision and Mission Statements

Vision and Mission statements are not easy to develop and most times they are even misunderstood. Whether they are written for a company, a person, a project or a product, they require

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