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Project Management

This area covers topics related to PMP, Agile, Scrum, DAD, team management, team building, performance, and tools and techniques for the project manager. More »

Software Engineering

This area covers technologies related to software programming from a WebDev, Mobile and general perspectives. It addresses things like Symfony, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Android, iOS, Swift, Python, C, C++, Haskell, Prolog, and so on. More »


Subjects related to studies at university level, such as undergraduate courses, MSc and PhD, covering research tips, tools and links that will help those who might need it. Also, my own papers and papers analysed by me are included. More »


Welcome to RCTalkIT

This web site is the place where I talk about IT and my experience gathered over the last 10 years of working and studying in this industry.

The reasons that led me to this site are my wish to share my knowledge with others, the drive to keep thinking about IT and its nuances, the urge to keep learning new information and write about that experience, and to organise thoughts so that I can aim at being one of the top in the industry and help others get there too.

My wish is that you find this useful, that you may comment and suggest improvements and that you keep in touch to discuss this exciting world we call IT.

Good readings and enjoy your visit.




Information Technology/Information Systems is an area devoted to topics related to computers from an industry perspective. These topics are addressed from a purely technological and systemic points of view.



In here we address the world of businesses based on a digital infrastructure. Covering subjects such as digital marketing and strategy, the emphasis is on the business side of the digital industry.

Computer Science

Computer Science

The basis of all computing engineering is science and math. Here we explore the more scientific grounds of IT, covering such interesting topics as computer architecture, algorithms, paradigms, robotics, AI, and so on.

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